steer a course是什么意思 steer a course在线翻译 steer a course什么意思 steer a course的意思 steer a course的翻译 steer a course的解释

steer a course

steer a course 双语例句

1. Pleasure is the rock which most young people split upon: they launch out with crowded sails in quest of it, but without a compass to direct their course, or reason sufficient to steer the vessel; for want of which, pain and shame, instead of pleasure, are the returns of their voyage.
凤凰联盟登录    享乐是使许多年轻人撞得头破血流的暗礁:他们启航去寻求享乐时让帆鼓胀得满满的,但却没凤凰联盟登录指南针指引航向,或没凤凰联盟登录足够的理智把握凤凰联盟登录舵,其结果是他们获得了痛苦与羞愧而非享乐。

2. You steer him off course, we could be lost in a sea of dreams.

3. Because not everyone can take charge of his or her destiny, those who do rise to positions of authority have a responsibility to those whose daily work keeps the enterprise running, not only to steer the correct course but to make sure no one is left behind.

4. These goals are often enough for some lucky people to steer a steady course.

5. But as soon as it grew dusk in the Evening, I chang'd my Course, and steer'd directly South and by East, bending my Course a little toward the East, that I might keep in with the Shoar; and having a fair fresh Gale of Wind, and a smooth quiet Sea, I made such Sail that I believe by the next Day at Three a Clock in the Afternoon, when I first made the Land, I could not be less than 150 Miles South of Sallee; quite beyond the Emperor of Morocco's Dominions, or indeed of any other King thereabouts, for we saw no People.

6. Diagnostic algorithms and diagnostic tactic should steer a middle course among diagnostic time, fault coverage and area expense.

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7. The reporter, whose business is to present relevant facts in an acceptable form, could and should steer a middle course.

8. Prime Minister Hun Sen has sought to steer a course between the two groups

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9. Most parents try to steer a middle course between imposing very strict discipline and letting their kids run wild.
凤凰联盟登录    大多数父母试着在推行严格的纪律和任由孩子撒野之间找到折衷的方法。

10. But we continue to steer a steady course through choppy waters.
凤凰联盟登录    但在汹涌的波涛之凤凰联盟登录,我们仍在稳步前进。

11. They tried ot steer a middle course between overconfidence and undue pessimism.
凤凰联盟登录      他们试图在自负与过分悲观之间选择一条凤凰联盟登录间路线。

12. The Rodney, five hundred miles away to the southeast, was ordered to steer a closing course.

13. Admiralty notices to mariners Steer a specified course in a ship
凤凰联盟登录      航行通告《英版航海通告》(船航行时)取某航向

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14. We must anticipate and respond to these external events as best as we can, and steer a course that maximises Singapore's chances of success.

15. Begin to use problem as valuable feedback to help you steer a straighter course toward your destiny, and be grateful for these gifts.

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16. The government is trying to steer a middle course between extra spending on defence and total disarmament.

17. You must steer a middle course.

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18. All the competitors managed to steer their boats around a difficult obstacle course.

steer a course 单语例句

1. A whole package of policies has been made available for the nation to steer its course towards what its leaders call a harmonious society.

2. Insiders said that abolishing the interest tax may have a huge impact on the market, so regulators may steer a middle course凤凰联盟登录 to halve the interest tax.

3. This in a way enabled Western countries to steer UN's publicity course.

4. When they skillfully turn the wheel, the relations will steer a steady course.

5. A harmonious future for Asia and Europe hinges on wisdom that can steer the course of their interactions.

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