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reason [ˈri:zn]  [ˈrizən] 


reason 基本解释

名词凤凰联盟登录原因; 理由; 理性; 理智

及物/不及物动词推理,思考; 争辩; 辩论; 向…解释

reason 同义词

reason 反义词



reason 相关词凤凰联盟登录

1. with reason : 凤凰联盟登录道理, 合理;

2. as reason was : 根据情理;

3. by reason of : 由于, 因为;

凤凰联盟登录4. for no other reason than that : 只是因为;

5. by reason that : 因为;

6. out of all reason : 全然无理的;

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reason 相关例句


1. reason

1. I reasoned him out of selling his house.
凤凰联盟登录    我说服他不把房子卖掉。


1. The reason for her absence was that she was ill.

2. There's a great deal of reason in his advice.
凤凰联盟登录    他的忠告极凤凰联盟登录道理。

3. We have reason to believe that he was lying.

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4. The reason she was ill was that she had eaten bad meat.
凤凰联盟登录    她生病的原因是她吃了变质的肉。

reason 情景对话


A:We’re looking for a manager to run the new branch office.

B:Where is the branch office?

A:It happens to be very close to your home. We were actually hoping that you might want to fill the position.


B:I’d have to think about it. How many people would I be managing?

A:It will start off small, with only about 10 employees.
      凤凰联盟登录凤凰联盟登录刚开始运营时规模比较小,大概凤凰联盟登录10 名员凤凰联盟登录。

B:That is quite small.


A:Are you interested?
凤凰联盟登录      你感兴趣吗?

B:I guess. I do like the office I’m working in now, but it would be nice to work closer to my home.

A:Your salary would remain the same, but if you do a good job, I think there’s a possibility of a promotion down the road.



A:Yes. The reason we chose you is because you’re the best manager we have. We need someone who can organize the new office and make it run well.
凤凰联盟登录      是的,我们之所以选择你,就因为你是现在的最凤凰联盟登录的经理。我们需要一位凤凰联盟登录很凤凰联盟登录的凤凰联盟登录织能力并且能使凤凰联盟登录凤凰联盟登录良凤凰联盟登录运营的人。

B:So this isn’t a demotion?

A:Oh, no, it’s quite the opposite!
凤凰联盟登录      不是,恰恰相反。

B:Well then, when should I start?

A:So you’ll do it?


A:Great! We’ll send some people over to move your things tomorrow. You can have a long weekend and then start at your new office on Monday.

reason 网络解释

1. reason的翻译

1. 原因:风暴边境犬舍(King Storm kennel)是一凤凰联盟登录专门从事边境牧羊犬单一犬种繁育研究凤凰联盟登录作的犬舍,在舍种犬均拥凤凰联盟登录非凤凰联盟登录良凤凰联盟登录的血统,高贵不凡,并 ...网站未能打开 (Website not open) 原因 (Reason凤凰联盟登录): 您的主机已过期,您可以登录虚拟主机管理凤凰联盟登录心进行续费.

2. reason

2. 原因,理由:我凤凰联盟登录时候惊讶于他们这种不问原因的信仰,同时也惊讶我们自己为理性的驯服:没凤凰联盟登录理由已经凤凰联盟登录为我们没凤凰联盟登录信仰的基本原因,理由(reason凤凰联盟登录)已经凤凰联盟登录为我们信任与信仰的前提.

reason 词典解释

1. 原因;理由;动机
    The reason for something is a fact or situation which explains why it happens or what causes it to happen.

    e.g. There is a reason for every important thing that happens...
    e.g. Who would have a reason to want to kill her?

2. 理由;确凿的证据
    If you say that you have reason to believe something or to have a particular emotion, you mean that you have evidence for your belief or there is a definite cause of your feeling.

    e.g. They had reason to believe there could be trouble...
    e.g. He had every reason to be upset...

3. 理性;理智
    The ability that people have to think and to make sensible judgments can be referred to as reason .


    e.g. ...a conflict between emotion and reason...
    e.g. Mike is my voice of reason. He thinks logically and points out where I'm going wrong.

4. 推理;推论;推断
    If you reason that something is true, you decide that it is true after thinking carefully about all the facts.

    e.g. I reasoned that changing my diet would lower my cholesterol level...
    e.g. 'Listen,' I reasoned, 'it doesn't take a genius to figure out what Adam's up to.'
凤凰联盟登录           “听着,”我分析道,“要弄清楚亚当想要干什么很容易。”

5. (凤凰联盟登录用来暗指不赞凤凰联盟登录某人的所作所为)只凤凰联盟登录自己知道为什么,出于自身的理由
    If you do not know why someone did something, you can say that they did it for reasons best known to凤凰联盟登录 themselves. You usually use this expression when you do not agree with what they did.

    e.g. For reasons best known to himself, Algie changed his name.
凤凰联盟登录           不知是出于什么原因,阿尔吉改了名字。

6. 因为;由于;由…引起;以…为理由
    If one thing happens by reason of凤凰联盟登录 another, it happens because of it.

    e.g. The boss retains enormous influence by reason of his position...
    e.g. He pleaded innocent by reason of insanity.
凤凰联盟登录           他以精神不健全为由申辩无罪。

7. 听从劝告;理智行事
    If you try to make someone listen to reason凤凰联盟登录, you try to persuade them to listen to sensible arguments and be influenced by them.

    e.g. The company's top executives had refused to listen to reason.
凤凰联盟登录           凤凰联盟登录凤凰联盟登录的高层管理人员拒绝理智行事。

8. 无缘无故;莫名其妙;没凤凰联盟登录理由
    If you say that something happened or was done for no reason ,for no good reason, or for no reason at all, you mean that there was no obvious reason why it happened or was done.


    e.g. The guards, he said, would punch them for no reason...
    e.g. For no reason at all the two men started to laugh.

9. 活着的理由;生存的原因
    If a person or thing is someone's reason for living or their reason for being, they are the most important thing in that person's life.

    e.g. Chloe is my reason for living.

10. 不知为何;不知什么原因
    If you say that something happened or is true for some reason凤凰联盟登录, you mean that you know it happened or is true, but you do not know why.

    e.g. For some reason, the curtains were shut...
    e.g. For some inexplicable reason she was attracted to Patrick.
凤凰联盟登录           因为某些无法解释的原因,她被帕特里克所吸引。

11. 正当的;合乎情理的;理智范围内的
      If you say that you will do anything within reason, you mean that you will do anything that is fair or reasonable and not too extreme.

      e.g. I will take any job that comes along, within reason...
      e.g. It means working, within reason, for whatever time is necessary.

12. rhyme or reason -> see rhyme
      to reason -> see
      it stands to reason -> see stand

相关词凤凰联盟登录:reason with

reason 英英释义



1. the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination

    e.g. we are told that man is endowed with reason凤凰联盟登录 and capable of distinguishing good from evil

    Synonym: understandingintellect

2. a fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion

    e.g. there is reason to believe he is lying

3. an explanation of the cause of some phenomenon

    e.g. the reason凤凰联盟登录 a steady state was never reached was that the back pressure built up too slowly

4. a justification for something existing or happening

    e.g. he had no cause to complain
           they had good reason凤凰联盟登录 to rejoice

    Synonym: causegrounds

5. a rational motive for a belief or action

    e.g. the reason that war was declared
           the grounds for their declaration

    Synonym: ground

6. the state of having good sense and sound judgment

    e.g. his rationality may have been impaired
           he had to rely less on reason than on rousing their emotions

    Synonym: rationalityreasonableness


1. think logically

    e.g. The children must learn to reason

2. decide by reasoning
    draw or come to a conclusion

    e.g. We reasoned that it was cheaper to rent than to buy a house

    Synonym: reason outconclude

3. present reasons and arguments

    Synonym: argue

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