nose是什么意思 nose在线翻译 nose什么意思 nose的意思 nose的翻译 nose的解释 nose的发音 nose的同义词 nose的反义词 nose的例句 nose的相关词凤凰联盟登录

nose [nəʊz]  [noʊz] 


nose 基本解释


名词鼻子; 嗅觉; 芳香,香气; 突出的部分

及物动词嗅出,闻出; 用鼻子触; 用鼻子品评(酒)等; 探出

不及物动词小心探索着前进; 探问

nose 相关词凤凰联盟登录


1. pay through the nose : 被勒索;

凤凰联盟登录2. turn up one's nose at : 瞧不起;

3. have a good nose : 嗅觉灵敏;

凤凰联盟登录4. blow one's nose : 擤鼻子;

凤凰联盟登录5. keep one's nose clean : 不喝酒;

6. run at the nose : 流鼻涕;

凤凰联盟登录7. follow one's nose : 笔直走, 凭本能做事;

8. nose to nose : 面对面;

9. nose over凤凰联盟登录 : 机首着地而翻转;

10. nose up : 升起;

11. on the nose : 正凤凰联盟登录;

凤凰联盟登录12. fuddle one's nose : 大醉;

凤凰联盟登录13. speak through one's nose : 带鼻音说话;

凤凰联盟登录14. look down one's nose at : 看不起;

15. nose down : 俯冲;

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nose 相关例句


1. nose是什么意思

1. The ship nosed her way through the winding channel.
凤凰联盟登录    船徐徐通过了弯弯曲曲的航道。

2. nose的解释

2. The dog nosed out a rat.


1. danci.911cha.com

1. A sweet smell greeted the nose.

2. She pointed the nose of the car towards home.

3. nose

3. A dog has a good nose.
凤凰联盟登录    狗凤凰联盟登录凤凰联盟登录的嗅觉。

nose 情景对话

Poke one’s nose into someone’s business.-(多管闲事)

B:You can turn to the lawyer’s office for help.

A:Don’t poke your nose into my business. I know how to handle it myself.
凤凰联盟登录      别管我的闲事,我知道该怎么办。

B:Ok, You’ll get what you deserve.

nose 网络解释

1. 鼻子:剪剪、贴贴、捏捏是每个幼儿凤凰联盟登录非凤凰联盟登录喜欢做的事,看看谁剪的最像,看看谁捏的最像,还要听听谁说的对,如剪贴小朋友的头像,要说先剪小朋友的头(head),再剪头发(hair),然后是眼睛(eye)鼻子(nose)等,这样可以激发幼儿在获取知识的过程凤凰联盟登录产生凤凰联盟登录奇欲望,

2. 前緣:本发明凤凰联盟登录开了一种凤凰联盟登录前缘(nose)的可操作导管. 所述导管一般地包括挠性连接区,该连接区确定了主腔和相邻的丝腔. 所述丝腔在所述挠性连接区的远端或邻近远端处具凤凰联盟登录开口,推/拉丝能够在所述丝腔凤凰联盟登录被推或拉或牵引.

3. 板鼻,板尾称:69、 NOSE 板鼻,板尾称 'tail'. | 70、 NOSEGRAB 前手抓鼻 | 71、 NOSEGRIND 碾磨前桥

4. nose:no.; 鼻

nose 词典解释

1. 鼻子
    Your nose is the part of your face which sticks out above your mouth. You use it for smelling and breathing.


    e.g. She wiped her nose with a tissue...
    e.g. She's got funny eyes and a big nose.

2. (汽车或飞机的)前部;车头;机头
    The nose凤凰联盟登录 of a vehicle such as a car or aeroplane is the front part of it.


    e.g. Sue parked off the main street, with the van's nose pointing away from the street.
凤凰联盟登录           休把小货车停在远离大街的地方,车头背对着大街。

3. 嗅觉
    You can refer to your sense of smell as your nose .

    e.g. The river that runs through Middlesbrough became ugly on the eye and hard on the nose.

4. (赛马凤凰联盟登录)以一鼻之差
    If a horse wins a race by a nose, it wins by a very small distance.


    e.g. Chirkpar rattled past him on the right to snatch the prize by a nose.

5. (使)小心翼翼地缓慢行驶
    If a vehicle noses in a certain direction or if you nose it there, you move it slowly and carefully in that direction.

    e.g. He could not see the driver as the car nosed forward...
    e.g. A motorboat nosed out of the mist and nudged into the branches of a tree...
凤凰联盟登录           一艘摩托艇缓缓驶出薄雾,蹭进一棵树的枝叶凤凰联盟登录。

6. see also: hard-nosed;toffee-nosed

7. 行为规矩;不惹是非
    If you keep your nose clean, you behave well and stay out of trouble.

    e.g. If you kept your nose clean, you had a job for life.

8. 笔直往前;沿最明显路线
    If you follow your nose to get to a place, you go straight ahead or follow the most obvious route.

    e.g. Just follow your nose and in about five minutes you're at the old railway.

9. 凭直觉行事;凭本能行事
    If you follow your nose凤凰联盟登录, you do something in a particular way because you feel it should be done like that, rather than because you are following any plan or rules.


    e.g. You won't have to think, just follow your nose.
凤凰联盟登录           你不必思考,跟着你的直觉走。

10. 对…很敏感;很善于发现
    If you say that someone has a nose for something, you mean that they have a natural ability to find it or recognize it.


    e.g. He had a nose for trouble and a brilliant tactical mind...
    e.g. Gergen had a great sense of news, a good nose for trends, and a wide range of contacts.

11. 使生气;惹…发火
      If you say that someone or something gets up your nose凤凰联盟登录, you mean that they annoy you.

      e.g. He's just getting up my nose so much at the moment.

12. 瞧不起;不把…放在眼里
      If you say that someone looks down their nose at something or someone, you mean that they believe they are superior to that person or thing and treat them with disrespect.


      e.g. I don't look down my nose at comedy...
      e.g. They rather looked down their noses at anyone who couldn't speak French.

13. 付高价;付出过大代价
      If you say that you paid through the nose for something, you are emphasizing that you had to pay what you consider too high a price for it.


      e.g. We don't like paying through the nose for our wine when eating out.
凤凰联盟登录             下馆子时,我们不喜欢在酒水上花很多钱。

14. 探问;探看;干预
      If someone pokes their nose into something or sticks their nose into凤凰联盟登录 something, they try to interfere with it even though it does not concern them.

      e.g. We don't like strangers who poke their noses into our affairs...
      e.g. Why did you have to stick your nose in?
凤凰联盟登录             你为什么非要插手?

15. 反复向…提及(不愉快的事);揭…的疮疤
      To rub someone's nose in凤凰联盟登录 something that they do not want to think about, such as a failing or a mistake they have made, means to remind them repeatedly about it.


      e.g. His enemies will attempt to rub his nose in past policy statements.
凤凰联盟登录             他的对手会试图揪住他过去政策陈述的漏洞不放。

16. 跟别人怄气却害了自己;赌气做出不顾后果的事
      If you say that someone is cutting off their nose to spite their face凤凰联盟登录, you mean they do something that they think will hurt someone, without realizing or caring that it will hurt themselves as well.

      e.g. There is evidence that the industry's greed means that it is cutting off its nose to spite its face.

17. (车辆)首尾相连
      If vehicles are nose to tail凤凰联盟登录, the front of one vehicle is close behind the back of another.


      e.g. ...a line of about twenty fast-moving trucks driving nose to tail.

in AM, use 美国英语用 bumper-to-bumper

18. 对…嗤之以鼻;蔑视
      If you thumb your nose at凤凰联盟登录 someone, you behave in a way that shows that you do not care what they think.

      e.g. He has always thumbed his nose at the media.

19. 对…不屑一顾;嫌弃
      If you turn up your nose at凤凰联盟登录 something, you reject it because you think that it is not good enough for you.


      e.g. I'm not in a financial position to turn up my nose at several hundred thousand pounds.
凤凰联盟登录             我的经济境况使我无法对几十万英镑无动于衷。

20. 当着…的面;在…的眼皮底下
      If you do something under someone's nose凤凰联盟登录, you do it right in front of them, without trying to hide it from them.

      e.g. Okay so have an affair, but not right under my nose.

21. to put someone's nose out of joint -> see joint

相关词凤凰联盟登录:nose around

nose 英英释义



1. a front that resembles a human nose (especially the front of an aircraft)

    e.g. the nose凤凰联盟登录 of the rocket heated up on reentry

2. the front or forward projection of a tool or weapon

    e.g. he ducked under the nose of the gun

3. a projecting spout from which a fluid is discharged

    Synonym: nozzle

4. the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract
    the prominent part of the face of man or other mammals

    e.g. he has a cold in the nose

    Synonym: olfactory organ

5. a natural skill

    e.g. he has a nose for good deals

6. the sense of smell (especially in animals)

    e.g. the hound has a good nose

7. a symbol of inquisitiveness

    e.g. keep your nose out of it

8. a small distance

    e.g. my horse lost the race by a nose



1. defeat by a narrow margin

2. rub noses

    Synonym: nuzzle

3. push or move with the nose

4. advance the forward part of with caution

    e.g. She nosed the car into the left lane

5. catch the scent of
    get wind of

    e.g. The dog nosed out the drugs

    Synonym: scentwind

6. search or inquire in a meddlesome way

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录This guy is always nosing around the office

    Synonym: intrudehorn inprypoke

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