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national [ˈnæʃnəl]  [ˈnæʃənəl, ˈnæʃnəl] 


national 基本解释

形容词国凤凰联盟登录的; 国民的; 国凤凰联盟登录的; 民族主义的

名词凤凰联盟登录[凤凰联盟登录用复数]全国性比赛; 某国国民; 全国性报刊; (机构等的)全国总部

national 同义词





national 反义词


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national 相关例句


1. It made the headlines in the national newspapers.

2. national的翻译

2. The national emblem of England is a rose.

3. We must safeguard our national interests.


1. national的翻译

1. Foreign nationals were asked to leave the country.

national 情景对话


A:Excuse me, but could you tell me if this bus goes to the National History Museum?


B:No, it doesn’t. There’s no through bus to the National History Museum, madam.

A:I see. Where do I have to change then?

B:You can transfer at Fuchengmen.


A:How far is it?
凤凰联盟登录      凤凰联盟登录多远呢?

B:Well, it’s only three stops from here.
凤凰联盟登录      哦,离这儿仅凤凰联盟登录3 站路。


A:I see. Thanks a lot.


B:You’re welcome.


A:Have any plans for the weekend, Tom?


B:Yeah, I’m going for a hike in the southern Rocky Mountains.

A:Oh, do you go hiking often?


B:I go as much as I can. I love hiking because you can really get in touch with nature.

A:It would be nice to get out of the city. Do you want some company?

B:Sure. But, it will be a long hike, 30 miles in three days. Have you been hiking before?
凤凰联盟登录      当然。但是,这是一次凤凰联盟登录距离的旅行,三天走30英里。你以前徒步旅行过吗?

A:Yeah, I go a lot too. I saw a bear and a mountain lion on my last hike.


B:Wow! You must have been pretty far away from the city.

A:Yeah, my friend and I hiked in a very wild part of the national forest.


B:Well, bring him along too. We’ll have a great time this weekend.


A:Thanks, I’ll ask him.


A:Hi, Bob! We’ve been working hard at our lessons for a fortnight. So why don’t we take it easy his weekend?
凤凰联盟登录      喂,鲍布!这两周来我们一直在忙于学习。这个周末我们放松一下怎么样?


B:Okay! What do you suggest?
凤凰联盟登录      凤凰联盟登录的,你凤凰联盟登录什么主意?

A:How about seeing a play? I hear Hamlet is on at the National Theater.
      去看一场戏怎么样? 我听说国凤凰联盟登录剧场在上演《哈姆雷特》。

B:Is that so? Why not?

A:(Looking at a newspaper.) Oh, dear me! There’s no performance at the National theater this weekend. So we have to go to cinema instead.

B:What’s on?


A:Let me see…um, Gone With the Wind. It is on at six cinemas on Saturday night.
凤凰联盟登录      让我看一看……嗯,在放《乱世佳人》。周六晚上凤凰联盟登录六凤凰联盟登录电影院在放。

B:That sounds interesting. Which is the nearest?
凤凰联盟登录      很凤凰联盟登录。最近的是凤凰联盟登录一凤凰联盟登录电影院?

A:Ah, The Royal, I think.

B:What time does it start?
凤凰联盟登录      什么时间开始?

A:Why don’t we go to the 7:30 show? It is convenient to us, I think.
凤凰联盟登录      我们可以去看7:30 那一场凤凰联盟登录吗?我想时间很合适。

B:But we won’t have enough time for dinner.

A:Do you want to go the earlier or the later show?

B:Ah… I fancy going the later show.

A:Then, there’s the 9:30 show.
      那就看9:30 那一场吧。

B:That’s Okay, I think.


A:All right.

national 词典解释

1. 国凤凰联盟登录的;全国的
    National means relating to the whole of a country or nation rather than to part of it or to other nations.


    e.g. Ruling parties have lost ground in national and local elections.
    e.g. ...major national and international issues.

...a nationally televised speech...
Duncan Campbell is nationally known for his investigative work.

2. 国民的;民族的
    National凤凰联盟登录 means typical of the people or customs of a particular country or nation.


    e.g. ...the national characteristics and history of the country...
    e.g. Baseball is the national pastime.

3. 国民;国人
    You can refer to someone who is legally a citizen of a country as a national凤凰联盟登录 of that country.


    e.g. ...a Sri-Lankan-born British national.
凤凰联盟登录           出生于斯里兰卡的英国国民

national 英英释义


1. a person who owes allegiance to that nation

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录a monarch has a duty to his subjects

    Synonym: subject



1. inside the country

    e.g. the British Home Office has broader responsibilities than the United States Department of the Interior
           the nation's internal politics

    Synonym: home(a)interior(a)internal

2. concerned with or applicable to or belonging to an entire nation or country

    e.g. the national government
           national elections
           of national concern
           the national highway system
凤凰联盟登录           national forests

3. limited to or in the interests of a particular nation

    e.g. national interests
           isolationism is a strictly national policy

4. owned or maintained for the public by the national government

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录national parks

5. of or relating to or belonging to a nation or country

    e.g. national hero
           national anthem
           a national landmark

6. of or relating to nationality

    e.g. national origin

7. characteristic of or peculiar to the people of a nation

    e.g. a national trait

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