land是什么意思 land在线翻译 land什么意思 land的意思 land的翻译 land的解释 land的发音 land的同义词 land的反义词 land的例句 land的相关词凤凰联盟登录

land [lænd]  [lænd] 


land 基本解释

名词凤凰联盟登录土地; 陆地; 国凤凰联盟登录; 地产

及物/不及物动词(使)登岸; 降临; 使陷于(困境); 使不得不应付

及物动词自船上卸下; 获得; 捕到; 钓到(鱼)


land 同义词

land 反义词


land 相关词凤凰联盟登录

1. land on : 猛烈抨击;

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land 相关例句


1. The plane will land in five minutes.

2. Hunting without a license will land you in trouble.

3. land

3. Richard landed him a blow on the left eye.
凤凰联盟登录    理查在他左眼上打了一拳。


1. land

1. He owns 300 acres of land.
凤凰联盟登录    他拥凤凰联盟登录三百英亩土地。

2. land

2. He is tired of his city job and dreams of getting back to the land.
凤凰联盟登录    他厌倦城里的凤凰联盟登录作,渴望回去过田园生活。

land 网络解释

1. land:lan directory; 局域网目录

2. land凤凰联盟登录:logic and; 逻辑和

land 词典解释

1. 土地;田地;(尤指)耕作用地,建筑用地
    Land is an area of ground, especially one that is used for a particular purpose such as farming or building.

    e.g. Good agricultural land is in short supply.
    e.g. ...160 acres of land.

2. (属于某人的)地产,地皮
    You can refer to an area of land which someone owns as their land or their lands.

    e.g. Their home is on his father's land...
    e.g. His lands were poorly farmed.

3. 农耕;农村生活
    If you talk about the land凤凰联盟登录, you mean farming and the way of life in farming areas, in contrast to life in the cities.

    e.g. Living off the land was hard enough at the best of times.

4. 陆地;大地
    Land is the part of the world that consists of ground, rather than sea or air.

    e.g. It isn't clear whether the plane went down over land or sea.
    e.g. ...a stretch of sandy beach that was almost inaccessible from the land.

5. 国度;国土
    You can use land凤凰联盟登录 to refer to a country in a poetic or emotional way.


    e.g. Her husband's body lies buried 2,000 miles away in a strange land.
    e.g. ...blessed lands of sun and sea and olive trees.
凤凰联盟登录           凤凰联盟登录着阳光、海水和橄榄树的美丽国度

6. 落下;跌落
    When someone or something lands凤凰联盟登录, they come down to the ground after moving through the air or falling.

    e.g. He was sent flying into the air and landed 20ft away...
    e.g. Three mortar shells had landed close to a crowd of people.
凤凰联盟登录           3枚迫击炮弹落在人群旁。

7. (使)着陆;(使)登陆;抵达
    When someone lands a plane, ship, or spacecraft, or when it lands凤凰联盟登录, it arrives somewhere after a journey.

    e.g. The jet landed after a flight of just under three hours...
    e.g. He landed his troops on the western shore...
凤凰联盟登录           他率部队在西岸登陆。

8. (尤指船只)卸(货)
    To land凤凰联盟登录 goods somewhere means to unload them there at the end of a journey, especially by ship.

    e.g. The vessels will have to land their catch at designated ports.
    e.g. ...a five-man gang which landed the huge shipment on the Cornwall coast.

9. (使)落入;(使)陷于
    If you land in an unpleasant situation or place or if something lands you in it, something causes you to be in it.

    e.g. He landed in a psychiatric ward...
    e.g. This is not the first time his exploits have landed him in trouble.
凤凰联盟登录           这已经不是他第一次因自己的冒险行为而惹上麻烦了。

10. 使遭遇(困境)
    If someone or something lands you with凤凰联盟登录 a difficult situation, they cause you to have to deal with the difficulties involved.

    e.g. The other options simply complicate the situation and could land him with more expense.

11. 意外到来;突然冒出
      If something lands凤凰联盟登录 somewhere, it arrives there unexpectedly, often causing problems.

      e.g. Two days later the book had already landed on his desk...
      e.g. This was the weekend that the war finally landed on their doorstep.
凤凰联盟登录             在这个周末,战火终于烧到了他们的凤凰联盟登录门口。

12. 抓到,钓到(鱼)
      If you land凤凰联盟登录 a fish, you succeed in catching it and getting it out of the water.

      e.g. One angler landed fish of 10 lb and 9 lb on the same day.

13. 搞到;弄到;捞到
      If you land something that is difficult to get and that many people want, you are successful in getting it.

      e.g. He landed a place on the graduate training scheme...
      e.g. His flair with hair soon landed him a part-time job at his local barbers.

14. 击;打
      If someone lands a blow or punch or if their blow or punch lands, they hit someone.

      e.g. De Leon landed a punch on the Italian's mouth after the end of the eleventh round...
      e.g. I could hear the blows landing as he appealed for help.

15. to land on your feet -> see foot

相关词凤凰联盟登录:land up

land 英英释义



1. agriculture considered as an occupation or way of life

    e.g. farming is a strenuous life
           there's no work on the land any more

    Synonym: farming

2. the people who live in a nation or country

    e.g. a statement that sums up the nation's mood
           the news was announced to the nation
凤凰联盟登录           the whole country worshipped him

    Synonym: nationcountry

3. a politically organized body of people under a single government

    e.g. the state has elected a new president
           African nations
           students who had come to the nation's capitol
           the country's largest manufacturer
           an industrialized land

    Synonym: statenationcountrycommonwealthres publicabody politic

4. the territory occupied by a nation

    e.g. he returned to the land of his birth
           he visited several European countries

    Synonym: countrystate

5. territory over which rule or control is exercised

    e.g. his domain extended into Europe
           he made it the law of the land

    Synonym: domaindemesne

6. the solid part of the earth's surface

    e.g. the plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land
           the earth shook for several minutes
           he dropped the logs on the ground

    Synonym: dry landearthgroundsolid groundterra firma

7. material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)

    e.g. the land had never been plowed
           good agricultural soil

    Synonym: groundsoil

8. extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录the family owned a large estate on Long Island

    Synonym: estatelanded estateacresdemesne

9. the land on which real estate is located

    e.g. he built the house on land leased from the city

10. a domain in which something is dominant

    e.g. the untroubled kingdom of reason
           a land of make-believe
           the rise of the realm of cotton in the south

    Synonym: kingdomrealm



1. bring into a different state

    e.g. this may land you in jail

    Synonym: bring

2. reach or come to rest

    e.g. The bird landed on the highest branch
           The plane landed in Istanbul

    Synonym: set down

3. cause to come to the ground

    e.g. the pilot managed to land凤凰联盟登录 the airplane safely

    Synonym: put downbring down

4. shoot at and force to come down

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录the enemy landed several of our aircraft

    Synonym: downshoot down

5. arrive on shore

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录The ship landed in Pearl Harbor

    Synonym: set ashoreshore

6. bring ashore

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录The drug smugglers landed the heroin on the beach of the island

7. deliver (a blow)

    e.g. 凤凰联盟登录He landed several blows on his opponent's head

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