英语单词大全at the end of (August)是什么意思

at the end of (August)是什么意思 at the end of (August)在线翻译 at the end of (August)什么意思 at the end of (August)的意思 at the end of (August)的翻译

at the end of (August)

at the end of (August) 双语例句

1. They start to work at the end of August.

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2. I started work at the end of August.
凤凰联盟登录    我在八月底开始凤凰联盟登录作。

3. I decided to go to Shenzhen at the end of August.

4. I start work at the end of August.

5. It is estimated that the lily tower would be built up to 100 meters at the end of August, and completed entirely at the end of October.

6. Generally, West Nile virus peaks at the end of August, beginning of September.

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7. In the U. S., savings and small time deposits -- two important classes of customer money -- stood at $6.9 trillion at the end of August, up 7.6% from a year earlier, according to the Federal Reserve.
凤凰联盟登录    据美国联邦储备委员会的数据,美国储蓄和小额定期存款这两类重要的消费者资金8月份达到了6.9万亿美元,较去年同期增凤凰联盟登录了7.6%。

8. At the end of August, 2004, when I decided to come to Beijing for study, my friends hel****rewell Party for me.
凤凰联盟登录    截至八月底,2004年,当我决定来北京学习,我的朋友们的hel *** rewell党话。

9. I set this goal back in July and it has now been materialized at the end of August.
凤凰联盟登录    我提出这个目标早在7月和现在已经实现在8月底。

10. As Swaziland's biggest festival, every year at the end of August or early September.

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11. Seventy-five years ago, at the end of August 1930, the last 36 islanders banked up their turf fires, opened their Bibles at Exodus, put some oats on the table, then left forever, bringing to an end a habitation and a way of life that stretched back at least two thousand years.
凤凰联盟登录      75年前,在1930年8月底,最后36名岛民围起他们用草皮生的火,把圣经翻到《出埃及记》这一页,在桌子上摆上几碗麦片粥,然后就永远离开了,就此结束了在这里的居住生活,以及一种凤凰联盟登录着至少两千年历史的生活方式。

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12. This term starts at the end of August.

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13. At the end of August, I went to the Democratic National Convention with the Arkansas delegation.
凤凰联盟登录      8月末,我随同阿肯色凤凰联盟登录代表团去出席民主党全国代表大会。

14. On day at the end of August, in the afternoon, she was having lunch with her colleagues and suddenly she felt sick and then vomited in the washroom.
凤凰联盟登录      8月末的一天凤凰联盟登录午,她正和同事在食堂里吃午饭,突然感觉恶心,跑到洗手间呕吐起来。

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15. The 40-year-old, who retired at the end of 2006, was set to deputise for the injured Felipe Massa at the European Grand Prix in Valencia on 23 August.
      2006年底退休的今年40岁的Felipe Massa被安排代表在8月23日巴伦西亚的欧洲汽车。。。

16. Published data: August, the Bank has significantly increased the volume of individual customer Settlement. The total amount of transactions in August reached 180 million U. S. dollars; 9 month trading volume also increased 17%; 10 than at the end of August, a customer requested that the dollar volume of transactions has soared by 34%.

17. To provide an example of this conservative assumption, a fund with a calendar-year end would have to report at the end of February and again at the end of August.
凤凰联盟登录      可以举个例子来说明这个保守的假设,如果一凤凰联盟登录基金的财政年度和日历年度相重,也就是说它必须在每年的2 月底和8 月底凤凰联盟登录布其财务资料,那么跟风基金的资产也是在这两个披露日被买入。

18. The uplands and copses, which at the end of August had still been green islands among the black fields ploughed ready for winter corn, and the stubble had become golden and lurid red islands in a sea of bright green autumn crops.

19. It will be available in the United States from the end of August, at RRP of $299.99 USD.

20. In the port I had bought a good supply of the least expensive cigarettes, made of black tobacco and a cheap paper that could have been used to wrap packages, and I began to smoke the way I did in those days, using the butt end of one cigarette to light the next, as I reread `Light in August`: at the time, William Faulkner was the most faithful of my tutelary demons.
凤凰联盟登录      在港口我买了足够的最便宜的烟,黑烟叶卷的烟,卷烟草的纸是廉价的包东西的纸,读福克纳的《八月之光》的时候,我开始像往凤凰联盟登录一样抽烟,用一枝烟屁股点燃下一枝。那时候,福克纳是我最忠诚的守护神。

at the end of (August) 单语例句

1. Dandong will face reviews by the national garden city inspection team at the end of August.

2. Stott was feeling the full effects of gravity for the first time since she rocketed to the space station at the end of August.

3. By the end of August, details of the campaign will be available at the home page of凤凰联盟登录 BOCOG's official website.

4. Beijing's largest university entrance fraud case went on trial at the No 1 Intermediate Court at the end of August.

5. The top 47 players entered before the entry deadline at the end of August qualified China Open directly.

6. The six parties concluded the first round of talks in Beijing at the end of August.

7. The auction is due to take place at the end of August.

8. The trial at the Duesseldorf state court is scheduled to last at least until the end of August.

9. The second batch of four charged digital channels will be staged at the end of August.

10. China gave $ 16 million to the United Nations World Food Programme at the end of August.

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