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(be) similar to

(be) similar to 双语例句

1. This pentapeptide exhibits a similar biological activity to thymopoietin and is, therefore, considered to be the active sequence.
凤凰联盟登录    胸腺五肽(Thymopentin,TP5)是一个人凤凰联盟登录合凤凰联盟登录的寡肽,为胸腺生凤凰联盟登录素Ⅱ的免疫活性凤凰联盟登录心。

2. Some people who have a similar problem pay a termination fee to be free of their contract.
凤凰联盟登录    凤凰联盟登录些人谁也凤凰联盟登录类似问题支付终止费是免费的合同。

3. Similar to gang bullying, although the bully may or may not be directly connected with either of the two parties.
凤凰联盟登录    它和团伙欺负类似,尽管这种类型欺负可能或可能不会直接和双方的任何一方凤凰联盟登录关凤凰联盟登录。

4. Description: This project shall adopt the double-mixing-shaft reciprocal rotary distribution design, with the vibration excitation/isolation system to be floating-connected by double-seated spring and hydraulic system adopting highly-dynamic performance proportion, making unnecessary a separate motor for driving and ensuring high compactness of blocks. The machine should make less noise than similar products, operate quickly, reduce the impact upon change of direction and save energy. Each joint should be linked with knuckle bearing and provided with lubricating device to prevent wear and tear. The automatic control system should use PLC and HMI display of operation, providing accurate and explicit detection of faults.
凤凰联盟登录    内容说明:本项目采用双搅拌轴往复旋转布料设计,激振隔振凤凰联盟登录统采用双座双弹簧浮动连接,液压凤凰联盟登录统采用高动态性能比例,可使砌块凤凰联盟登录型机不需要单独电机驱动,能保证砌块密实度大;机台噪声比同类机台小,运行快速,降低变向时的冲击配备,节约能源;各关节部位均用关节轴承联结,具备润滑凤凰联盟登录置不易磨损;自控制凤凰联盟登录统选用PLC编制控制器,操作人机界面显示,故障准确明确。

5. (be) similar to在线翻译

5. The more similar their characteristics with yours, the more natural it will be to emulate them.

6. In this experiment, we were successful to establish the finite element model of pelvis after subtotal sacrectomy. The calculated result was similar with the reference. The model could be used to evaluate different ways to reconstruct the sacroiliac joint.

7. This process is somewhat similar to investment casting in that an expendable material can be used to form relatively intricate patterns in a surrounding mold material.
凤凰联盟登录    但是不同的是,消失模铸造是使用聚丙乙烯作为模芯,这种材料在将熔融金属注入不经黏结的沙子的环绕模的过程凤凰联盟登录将会蒸发。

凤凰联盟登录8. (be) similar to什么意思

8. 6If the Contract shall be terminated under the provisions of the last preceding sub- clause, the Contractor shall, with all reasonable despatch, remove from the site all Constructional Plant and shall give similar facilities to his Sub - Contractors to do so.
凤凰联盟登录    6如果合同根据上一款的规定终止,那么,承包方应当尽快地把所凤凰联盟登录的建筑机械从施凤凰联盟登录现场搬走并应为其分包方同样地撤出提供便利。

9. Specifically, a better delivery system must be developed to get this or a similar compound to where it needs to go in the body, and the potential side effects must be carefully analyzed.

10. If it was synchronized with the TV via the color burst technique of NTSC then it would be'similar to'true color info.
    如果它经由 NTSC 的色凤凰联盟登录脉冲技术跟电视信号同步的话,就能得到'近似于'真彩的数据了。

11. Breaking the chains of one's karma requires great energy similar to the thrust needed by a rocket to break the pull of Earth's gravity and to be launched into outer space.
凤凰联盟登录      要打开宿业的枷锁需要极大的力量,这就如火箭冲离地心吸引力到这太凤凰联盟登录所需要的强大喷射力一般。

12. There is no stipulation in it, our benefits can be better maintained if we have similar provisions like those in Mareva Injunction and the relevant laws in other countries; The last one is the impact of the Maritime Injunction to the lawmaking of the Civil Procedure Law.

13. When the user opens a box the hoisting up, the transformer and the bottom plank connected bolt shall be demolished, hangs with four similar length's steel cable on oil tank's special-purpose lift hook, uses another string or the scallop to bundle these 4 steel cable and the transformer in the same place, pays attention to steel cable and outside stainless steel shell of bellow on the top of the transformer should add the felt circle or the rubber gasket, in order to avoid the steel cable damage transformer's bellow shell, then slings the transformer slowly, Moves it to the pad base on the support, fix the transformer with the install screw buried well in advance.
凤凰联盟登录      5.4用户开箱起吊时,将互感器与底木板相连的螺栓拆除,用四根同样凤凰联盟登录度的钢缆挂在油箱的专用吊钩上,再用另一根绳子或带子将这4根钢缆和互感器捆在一起,注意钢缆与互感器顶端的膨胀器不锈钢外罩外应加毡圈或橡皮垫,以免钢缆损坏互感器的膨胀器外罩,然后慢慢吊起互感器,把它移至支撑垫基上,用预先埋凤凰联盟登录的安凤凰联盟登录螺杆将互感器固定。

14. It may be two and half months to three months before some of them may be believed to have made similar attainments.
凤凰联盟登录      大多数禅凤凰联盟登录者用一个半月时间达到可以认为证了初果的水平,而凤凰联盟登录些则要两个半月到三个月才能达到相同水平。

15. Other councils around the country have introduced similar measures, particularly relating to very young children, but Redbridge's ban is thought to be the most far-reaching.

16. Till now we haven't cracked those writings and be like those silly scholar similar, but our receiving in the diligent thunder have already known some meanings of signs to believe who construct fan's bottom of these stone statue weapons eventually can uncover.

17. If this is so, it would be interesting to seethe reaction Of intel to a similar masquerade:.

18. (be) similar to的反义词

18. A similar approach should be applied to innovation.

19. As we had organized similar trips for more than ten years, we are very familiar with Jong`s Crocodie farm, we can even remember the name of that little crocodile at pit number 6, and we can even blindfold ourselves and still be able to walk around the farm.

20. Generally similar to the kind of powerful suspense She Anju have a very attractive delicate, time will be in pplook at the TV to find out.
凤凰联盟登录      一般类似这类强悍的悬疑涉案剧凤凰联盟登录凤凰联盟登录着很微妙的吸引力,凤凰联盟登录时间定会在pp电视里找出来看的。

(be) similar to 单语例句


1. Similar to the Knight in Western chess, the horse can be blocked by an intervening piece.

2. He is thought to be encouraging Michael to seek similar help for cannabis addiction.

3. There other similar moments, although Hou might not be there to catch it.

4. It is said to be colored in a " similar way to凤凰联盟登录 Yue celadon, but brighter and lighter ".

5. The disease can be transmitted from infected birds to humans and cause symptoms similar to凤凰联盟登录 that of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS.

6. Barak announced that 24 more roadblocks and one checkpoint would be removed this week, in addition to a similar number dismantled recently.

7. The CIRC reminded the public not to be misled by similar claims and encouraged them to report illegal activities to reduce their losses.

8. The coal exchange is similar to the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, and a membership trading system will be adopted.

9. Shanghai tends to be more conformist, so a lot of people wear similar things.

10. Though more esteemed members of the press corps may think themselves to be quite different, they play a similar game.

(be) similar to
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