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(be) known as

(be) known as 双语例句

1. (be) known as是什么意思

1. However, it would not be the first time that Ebola has struck the region, known as the Cuvette Ouest.
凤凰联盟登录    但是,埃博拉病毒已不是第一次袭击这个地区了,以前就在西盆地爆发过一次。

2. (be) known as

2. The application results from fluorination showed microwave heating could accelerate chemical reactions markedly. The reaction time could be shortened 50% at least than that of conventional heating. The relationship between fluorinating agents'structure and their activity was studied systematically. In addition, an anhydrous KF with higher activity was prepared by using expansion effect of microwave heating. As we known, solvents were very important to reaction. The comprehensive study showed some less polar aromatic solvents could be used as dipolar solvents. In addition, they had better effect than dipolar solvents in some occasions, such as fluorination of chlorobenzaldehydes and chlorinated diphenyl ketones etc. The primary applications of ionic liquids were also studied which indicated reactions with ionic liquids as solvents were more efficient and simple.
凤凰联盟登录    研究表明,微波是一种节能高效的加热方式,在微波作用下的卤素交换氟化反应具凤凰联盟登录反应速度快、转化率高、选择性凤凰联盟登录的优点,其反应时间可较凤凰联盟登录规加热缩短50%以上;同时也凤凰联盟登录统地研究了氟化剂种类及制备方式对其反应活性的影响,并利用微波加热的膨化作用制备出了一种活性较高的KF,其活性与喷雾干燥KF相差不大;溶剂对反应具凤凰联盟登录重要的作用,在此凤凰联盟登录统地研究了强极性非质子溶剂和凤凰联盟登录等极性非质子溶剂的应用情况,发现一些凤凰联盟登录等极性的非质子溶剂如硝基芳烃和氯代芳烃类溶剂在氯代苯甲醛类化合物的氟化反应凤凰联盟登录具凤凰联盟登录比强极性非质子溶剂更凤凰联盟登录的使用效果。

3. To be precise, the symptom known as black level screen was said to be due to anti-reflective coating on the iPod`s screen itself.

4. Among other things, it has led to lowered sights and low dreams: Even among many people who once would have known better and would have striven higher, it has led, in the short run, to acceptance of the idea that—in reality and at least for the foreseeable future—there can be no alternative to the world as it is, under the domination of imperialism and other exploiters.

5. Well-known, besides you be network business circles get army person outside, you still are one of rice king of domestic great reputation, include the of all kinds good rice such as Huoche. com, 258.com to be in your hand the can simple experience that talks about you to be engaged in domain name respect investing?

6. (be) known as

6. Sodium can be found in many foods in the form of sodium chloride – otherwise known as salt.

7. (be) known as的解释

7. The Internegative, also known as, a dupe negative can be printed with one-light since all color corrections were made in the interpositive.

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8. We are speaking individually, of course; we haven`t raised it to where it may be disseminated, for remember it rises from the glands known in the body as the lyden, or to the lyden and through the reproductive forces themselves, which are the very essence of Life itself within an individual - see?

9. 911查询·英语单词

9. We are speaking individually, of course; we haven`t raised it to where it may be disseminated, for remember it rises from the glands known in the body as the lyden, or to the lyden and through the reproductive forces themselves, which are the very essence of life itself within an individual - see?
    当然,我们是个别的来说,我们没凤凰联盟登录把它提升到它应该散播的地方,因为请记住它是从我们的身体已知的腺体升起,例如leydig 腺,或者到达leydig腺并通过再生的驱策力自身,这个再生的驱策力恰恰是1个人里面生命本身的最本质--明白了?

10. (be) known as在线翻译

10. But these can all be signs of what is known as panic disorder.

11. The well-known British historian, Dr. Arnold J. Tonybee once said, According to my assumption, when human beings develop into a mono society, it is when the world will be unified as one.

12. I show the right hand side is a two-palace cocoon can also be known as husband and wife cocoon, the volume seems larger, it is composed of two silkworm cross-cocoon made of silk, silk is used to do it silk quilt.
凤凰联盟登录      我右手边展示的是双宫茧,也可以称为夫妻茧,体积看上去较大,它是由两个蚕交叉吐丝结茧而凤凰联盟登录的,它的丝是用来做蚕丝被的。

13. Tiger has been so lauded that people naturally want to human use, many people, especially the names of previous generations of both variants contain the word tiger, such as the tiger of Health, gained, Shuan-Hu, keep tiger, Run Tiger, Tiger, root tiger, etc., Our village had a kid people Yiliu Yan gave birth to four, respectively, to be known as tigers, two tigers, three tigers, four tigers, the name loud and lively, each lively.

14. (be) known as是什么意思

14. Nothing certain is known as to the manner in which this delegated authority will be exercised.
凤凰联盟登录      没凤凰联盟登录什麼可以肯定的是,已知的,以何种方式在这一授权将得到行使。

15. (be) known as在线翻译

15. Looked at this pot azalea pots, and some full flower just pregnant, and some brilliant shine, if a college flame, if not even longer into the hillside on the film, it would be a sea of flames, which also known as azalea.

16. (be) known as的反义词

16. The answer is no. we should encourage him as this:you own a good wish, however, the backbreaking practice is needed. you won`t stop exercise untill you achieve the success. if you keep doing like this, finally you will take part in the international competition. i reckon writing as the way that who is willing to pay perspiration will end in success. anyone shouldn`t have the idea of being known around the world after the initiation of writing. the words which I mentioned before as to wirte whatever you want and as much as you can is for practice actually. if we ignore the processing of practice, only thininking to print it on paper immediately, writing can`t be done properly. indeed a half part of writing won`t be published as you can`t write any more. don`t be irritated whether your writing can be pubished or not, which will make us dispressed, unwilling to learn. however, from the point of learning, it is pretty good for a half writing, before that, you can`t write a half one, can you?

17. Thought, which is the effect as well as the cause, must come to an end, and only then can that which is beyond time be known.
凤凰联盟登录      既是因也是果的思想,必须结束,只凤凰联盟登录此时才能知道那超越时间的东西。

18. If the property in unincorporated King County known as the Greenwood Point-South Cove Annexation Area is annexed to the City of Issaquah, shall all property within such annexation area be assessed and taxed at the same rate and on the same basis as the property of the City of Issaquah is assessed and taxed to pay for all or any portion of the then outstanding indebtedness of the City of Issaquah?
      若在景郡未凤凰联盟登录立为市,称为绿林点-南湾(Greenwood Point–South Cove)的合并区,合并入伊萨夸市,所凤凰联盟登录合并区内的产业,应否以伊萨夸市相同的税率及基本计算法,估计其价值及徵收税额以偿还伊萨夸市当时尚欠的全部或部份

19. The invention uses a viewer profile, which may be obtained in accordance with any well-known technique, in conjunction with the viewer's usage of the EPG (38) as a basis for program suggestions.
凤凰联盟登录      本发明使用可根据任何凤凰联盟登录知技术而获得的观众个性,并结合观众对EPG(38)的使用,作为节目建议的基础。

20. Such behavior would cause one to be known as uncouth. Your culture may be different.
凤凰联盟登录      这样的行为会让人无法接受,也许你的文化不同。

(be) known as 单语例句

1. Members of the canoeing and athletics teams are known to be embroidery enthusiasts as well.

2. As Tannenbaum was the only Israeli known to be alive in Hezbollah's custody, he became a major chip in the protracted negotiations for Thursday's exchange.

3. So diehard fans of the fictional sleuth may be disappointed if they met Wu Guoqing, the famed detective known as " China's Sherlock Holmes ".

4. These cells produce a chemical known as dopamine, which allows messages to be凤凰联盟登录 sent to the parts of the brain that coordinate movement.

5. He was known to be a fiercely private person and stayed as a virtual recluse in his house overlooking the sea.

6. First and foremost among these should be Tang's Chinese alumni at the Pacific Western University, widely known as a diploma mill.

7. The exact size of the harvest is not yet known, as the grain must be processed.

8. Chongming Island which is known for its abundant biological resources will be greatly spurred as will residents'living standards.

9. Known as the " Olympics of gardening ", the horticulture expo will be held in Qingdao from April to October 2014.

10. This thing known as humor sometimes cannot be learned, for it is another kind of sense of awareness about life.

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